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55% of our graduates gets promoted

Coming up

You can find Grow at many places in three different set-ups:

Design Leadership Program 1 with Cité du Design

The Cité du Design is France's most active organisation to stimulate design in companies across all design disciplines. France has an industrial heritage, an upcoming digital and service industry, and a big need for strong design leaders.

Location: Saint-Etiènne (FR)
Date: September 2018
Duration: 40 weeks

Design Leadership Program 7 Holland

A home game for the Grow EU team. We invite you to join us and grab your challenges by the horns, take the Grow tools, and improve your work - directly!

Location: To be announced
Date: October 2018
Duration: 40 weeks

Design Leadership Program 7 with IDSA

Grow is proud to partner with Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) and support their mission to help advance the profession of Industrial Design, and to help deliver more design value to customers, consumers, clients & colleagues.

Location: Santa Monica, CA & Chicago, IL (USA)
Date: 22 January 2019
Duration: 40 weeks

Design Leadership Program 10 Norway

Together with our friends at DogA, we have been helping Norway's design community grow over the past 4 years.

Location: Norway
Date: Q1 2019
Duration: 40 Weeks