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Design Language Course EU 2021

Location: Online

1/12 Education & 15/12 Presentations, both 13:30–17:00 CET

Time Zone: CET

Duration: 2 half-days

Price: € 750

You can now learn about the essential topics of Design Leadership, one by one, in our Design Leadership Courses. The topic that we will discuss during our upcoming course is Design Language.

Grow shares practical knowledge, tools and methods to help you to boost the value of design within your company, with directly noticeable outcomes. The content comes straight from practice to you – to make your work a little better step by step. You can now learn about Design Language in our Design Leadership Courses endorsed by DogA.

Design Language
In this era of brands, design languages are used to build brand recognition by applying design clues coherently over all brand touchpoints. This is not only relevant for consumer-driven industries but also for business-to-business industries.

Related to different types of brand architectures, a design manager applies, maintains and refreshes design languages. When doing so, a design manager does not only pursue brand recognition but also savings in development time & costs.

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