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Design Leadership Course 3 with IDSA

Location: New York, NY (USA)

Date: 19, 20 April 2018

Duration: 1 to 2 days

Price: $795 - $1,272

Grow is partnering with IDSA to help you grow your design career! You can now learn about the essential topics of Design Leadership, one by one, in our Design Leadership Courses. The two topics that we will discuss during our upcoming courses are Design Value and Design in Customer Experience.

Grow shares practical knowledge, tools and methods to help you to boost the value of design within your company, with directly noticeable outcomes. The content comes straight from practice to you – to make your work a little better step by step.

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Day 1: Design Value
Design does bring value to people through great products, experiences and services, and with that economic value to companies. In order to deliver this value, invests in or budgets for design are needed. The justification of these budgets is the job of a design manager. During this course, you’ll receive the Design Value Canvas. With this tool, you can compare the forecasted revenues through design with the costs of designing.

Day 2: Design in Customer Experience
Offering a great customer experience is a new way to give companies a competitive edge over others. In order to build a great experience, all functions that contribute to it need to be carefully aligned. Design will need to take on different roles at different moments in the process. During this course you’ll receive the CX Arena and the CX List. With these two tools you will be able to map out all the different touch points of your company and identify the gaps and opportunities.

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