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Design Leadership Program 8

Location: Santa Monica & Online

Date: 28 October 2020

Duration: 40 Weeks

Workload: Average of 4 hours per week

Price: $9,995

Grow helps you grow your design career! We support designers and help them deliver more design value to customers, consumers, clients & colleagues.


Companies want stronger design managers that can lead design & designers in a direction that is good for business. In this program you will receive tools and methods to boost the value of design, with directly noticeable outcomes. This way you can create opportunities for designers, the design department and the whole company.


Design Leadership programs are designed for the busy design professional. That’s why a few things are important: Learning while working, an intensive interaction between student & tutor, fresh content straight from reality, low on theory high on practice, directly improvement of daily work and fun! Or let’s say ‘intrinsic motivation’.

You will learn:

  • Speaking the vocabulary of Design Management
  • Relating design to business
  • Clarifying the fuzzy world of design
  • Delivering design results efficiently
  • Communicating impactfully with designers, peers and management
  • Design Management
  • Design Leadership
  • Design Quality
  • Design Process
  • Design Language
  • Design Tools
  • Design Research
  • Design in Organization
  • Design Value
  • Design Presentation
  • Design Briefing
  • Design Resources

The program consists of 5 phases covering 11 meetings over the course of 40 weeks. You may participate online and/or in person as able. The program kicks off with an introduction meeting and then directly teaching several foundational modules. After this meeting, you will be working on an individual and/or team assignments. Halfway through each of the phases you will have an online coaching meeting with the tutor about your assignment progress and any coaching & clarification you may need. The program ends with an evaluation meeting where you will present your final assignment to all program participants as well as a special group of invited peers (i.e. the bosses!). Download the dates overview for the dates of this program for more details.

This program is for professionals who are looking for ways to take the next step in their career and become the design leader their company needs. A Design Leadership Program is set-up for 8-15 professionals that work with design on a daily basis, coming from design or functions that work with design on an intensive basis. We strive for a good mix between companies, industries and design disciplines. Are you ready to meet your new professional friends?