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Design Research Course EU 2021

Location: Online

November 16 Education 13:30–17:00 & December 7 Presentation 13:30–17:00

Time Zone: CET

Duration: 2 half-days

Price: € 750

You can now learn about the essential topics of Design Leadership, one by one, in our Design Leadership Courses. The topic that we will discuss during our upcoming course is Design Research.

Grow shares practical knowledge, tools and methods to help you to boost the value of design within your company, with directly noticeable outcomes. The content comes straight from practice to you – to make your work a little better step by step.

Design Research
Since revealing unmet needs has become more important than ever, and design research proofs to be good for that, design research is swiftly growing as a professional field of expertise, as part of market research.
Although doing design research is an expertise in itself, the actual management of it is not be neglected. Well managing design research ensures that design research results are truly integrated and linked in order to have maximum impact in a company.

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