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Grow Boost USA 2018

Location: Santa Monica, CA (USA)

Date: 23 March 2018

Duration: 1 day

Price: $695

What is a product worth? Or a website? Or a brand identity?
A mere product is nowhere near enough to satisfy the people out there anymore. Or a mere collection of touchpoints for that matter. It all needs to connect in the full 360 degrees, or make that 370 degrees just to be safe. Building a great consumer experience is the way brands can stand out and be successful for business.

Design in Customer Experience
Offering a great customer experience is a new way to give companies a competitive edge over others. In order to build a great experience, all functions that contribute to it need to be carefully aligned. Design will need to take on different roles at different moments in the process. During this course you’ll receive the CX Arena and the CX List. With these two tools you will be able to map out all the different touch points of your company and identify the gaps and opportunities.

The Grow Boost
We strongly believe in the power of continuous personal development for professionals. The Grow Boost helps Grow Graduates learn more in a familiar atmosphere and a group of smart people with a great starting level of knowledge and capability. The Grow Boost is our annual event exclusive for Grow graduates, to catch up, spark the passion and add some new learnings. To the right you will find the Grow Boost 2016 after-vid. The presence of our graduates, the good conversations and catching passion made it a fantastic and inspiring day.