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Livebook yearly subscription US

Location: Online

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Duration: 1 year

Price: $ 295

This subscription for 12 months is a follow-up on a Grow program and/or course and for Grow Alumni only. You will have access to the same Grow modules as you had before.

Terms and Conditions Subscription

A subscription is entered for the specified period and is thereafter automatically renewed – typically 12 months, unless stated otherwise in the offer. The renewal of your subscription will start after receipt of your payment. The first payment concerns the term and the amount as stated in the Alumni Subscription page.


Within the first subscription term, the subscription can only be terminated at the end of the agreed subscription term, whereby the subscriber must notify Grow Europe of this cancellation no later than one month before the renewal of the new subscription term. With automatic renewal, the subscription is converted into a subscription for an indefinite period. Cancellation of the subscription after automatic renewal is possible when taking into account a notice period of one month. You can cancel via email: [email protected]

Content protection

We deliver this content to the student personally. This means that the content should not be copied and passed on to others. It is just there to apply it in the student’s daily work…


We will share lots of great content, about the students’ and our experience; we will also create new content together. To guarantee an open atmosphere, we expect the student to treat this content confidential.

For more information: please contact Carola Boogerd via [email protected] or 0031613582135 Grow Europe GmbH Ohlenkamp 15d 22607 Hamburg Germany VAT DE317428025 HRB 150191