Terms & Conditions
Grow Design Leadership Programs


To make sure all students will be able to contribute equally they must speak English well, have at least five years of experience in the design field and are graduated BA or higher.

Intellectual property

During the last 15+ years we have gained a lot of experience in design management. This is what we are going to share. Just remember that the content we provide and the way to educate it, is our idea and we would like to keep it that way. The assignments that will be delivered are property of the students; make good use of them!

Content protection

We deliver this content to the student personally. This means that the content should not be copied and passed on to others. It is just there to apply it in the student’s daily work…


We will share lots of great content, about the students’ and our experience; we will also create new content together. To guarantee an open atmosphere, we expect the student to treat this content confidential.

Access to the Grow Livebook

Access to online program materials counts for 12 months after the final meeting. After 12 months a subscription of EUR 249/ USD 295 per annum will be applied.


To guarantee great value from discussions and sharing experiences, we maintain a minimum of 8 participants per program. If we do not have this amount 5 weeks before the start of the program we will postpone the start of the program ± 2 months. So, the 2nd meeting then becomes the 1st meeting and every meeting shifts this way. We only have to plan a new Final Meeting.

Cancellation upfront

Once you signed the order confirmation the student is ‘in’. If you do need to cancel anyway before we have started, we will charge 25% of the fee.


If, for whatever reason, the student cannot make one of the meetings, we expect them to catch up: read through the module, discuss the team assignment with their team and ask questions when needed. If the student is absent on more than one meeting, the student needs to continue in the next program, to be able to finish the program and earn a diploma.


It is possible to send a replacement to take over the education program. This option is available if the student has attended no more than 1 meeting. The replacement will then finish the entire remainder of the program. You also need to ensure that the replacement has a similar profile as the student that is replaced. In any other case, Grow will not refund the fee for the program.


We assume that nobody wants to voluntarily stop this program. However, due to severe reasons, private or business, sometimes this is inevitable. If the student needs to stop right away, we suggest that the student continues and finishes the program in the next available program that we will run. This means that we will not refund the fee for the program. To ensure a coherent learning experience we limit this opportunity till only the next program.


We take lots of great pictures during programs. We are happy to share these with you and the student, and we might use them for some of our marketing efforts.


We do not like conflicts, nor do we like detailed contracts. If issues arise, we will handle it together…